High Diving Giraffes

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An evening pause: Based on some emails I have received, I think some people have been fooled by this cool animation and actually think these are real giraffes! This just tells us that it will not be long now before real actors are no longer necessary and it will be possible to do live action films entirely with animation.

Hat tip George Petricko.



  • Wayne

    (let’s push it over 5 million views!)

  • wodun

    Very dangerous for a giraffe to dive in head first like that.

  • Wayne

    -Their necks don’t really bend that far down, either.
    -Anyone remember the E.D.S. “Cat-Herding” commercial?
    Ya know– “because managing information is like….”

  • LocalFluff

    Many years ago, during a brief visit at a park’s stall of giraffe, one of them lowered its tall neck across the enclosement and its huge blue tongue licked my hand and arm. Maybe because I had carried icecream the moment before. This peculiar head with its horns and speckles. Like Santa’s red-noised reindeer. I was hypnotized. We need to take care of those aliens. Earth might be the only place where we discover life. That is still an endless discovery.

  • Ted

    At first I thought it was all the Republicans from the first couple of debates. Looked the same, acted the same.

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