How to Replace Blinker Fluid

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An evening pause: For tomorrow. I think this is information every car owner should have. Make sure you watch to the very end.



  • danae


    I see that Chris has posted other informative videos. If my car’s muffler ever gets noisy, I’ll know where to find useful instructions for DIY repair.

  • Commodude

    Someone’s been buying their parts from LOL

  • I was once engaged in a task as a child when my father told me to use some elbow grease. I went to the household chemicals to look for some. I had to go see my father and tell him I couldn’t find the elbow grease.

  • LocalFluff

    I’ve tried this and now it works. Now it doesn’t. Now it works. Not now. But now again. There it went out. Now its on again. And no light. On. Off.

  • Edward

    A friend of mine recommends buying blinker fluid only from reputable dealers:

    provides you with thousands of hours of reliable blinking without the wear and tear on the flash-synchro’s that the other blinker fluids cause.

  • LocalFluff

    Swedish police is an April’s fools joke too. Here three female officers and one private guard are out manned by a single man who tries to murder them and then simply walks away free (at one of the many temporary “refugee” accommodations for hundreds of thousands of recently arrived to Sweden from the ME):

    Swedish police does carry pistols (Norwegian police doesn’t, that’s why Behring-Breivik could murder to many on that island a few years ago), but they don’t seem to learn how to use them.

    They recently suggested lowering admission requirements to police school to the level: “somewhat retarded” according to some old worded grading of smartness. But here i think that three girls have been admitted as police who maybe don’t have this in their blood. Politicians want race and gender to be the only factors considered for becoming police. Even youth criminals are admitted, still police schools have empty seats! We have 2 officers per 1,000 inhabitants, and that’s 20 per 1,000 born abroad which increases by 10% per year while the police corps last year shrunk by 5%.

  • Gealon

    Hehehe!!! So true about those BMW’s. Those poor people just can’t signal for their lives. Perhaps they should look into a solid state blinker system that doesn’t use fluids.

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