I’m not a robot

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An evening pause: Everything about this gives me the creeps.

Hat tip Edward Thelen.



  • wayne

    good selection.

    This is creepy on a number of levels.

    One thing I have noticed here at BtB; I normally run CCleaner 3-4 times an hour when I’m on line, if I don’t run it or don’t clean my browser cache all day, & do more than a few reCAPTCHA’s, it stops challenging me entirely.

    The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon The Robot

    “If you were a robot and I knew, but you didn’t, would you want me tell you?”

  • wodun

    Google collects a lot of data there that can be used for things other than telling if you are human enough to post a comment. They are very insidious.

    I’ve noticed that when I am on a tablet, no captcha but on my PC there is one every time. Sometimes, I even have to go through several sets of images. I wonder how anal these systems are. If there is a sliver of a car or sign in a picture, does that count?

    Considering how well the Google Machine performed, I am flattered to not be considered a human. Oh wait, Google doesn’t consider me a human, that isn’t such a great thing!

    Edit: They must have read my comment because it took about 15 clicks to select all the cars…

  • LocalFluff

    Soon one needs a robot to prove that one is human.

    – Free ponies for all Americans! And it will be a federal pony identification program where you will need to have your pony with you at all times.

    – Besides the ponies, what other government entitlement programs do you support?

    – Just that one. That’s enough.

  • wayne

    good stuff.
    “Insidious” is a great word.

    I would put forth the proposition;
    Standard Oil Corporation, was barely a monopoly on a good day. Alphabet is absolutely a monopoly, and I have no problem unleashing the Administrative State against them.

  • ken anthony

    That zombie energy plan has potential with all the lefties in America!

  • wayne

    Rick and Morty
    “Slavery, with Extra Steps”

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