ISS Fisheye Fly-Through

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An evening pause: Make sure you watch this full screen. In many ways this video tour of ISS illustrates its magnificence and its failure. It is not an easy thing to build a house in space, and it is clear that we have done it here. At the same time, ISS hardly appears to be a comfortable vessel to live in during travel to other planets. Skylab was much more livable.

Hat tip Phil Berardelli and Tom Wilson.



  • C Cecil

    Can you imagine the check list or systems operation manuals this ship must have and the training required to be entrusted with this spacecraft? Looks like the pantries are full! I hope America is anxious to see our astronauts placed there by a United States launched delivery system. (Dragon)

  • Gealon

    Just because I’m in a good mood and feeling like pointing out something childish, Space Toilet off the starboard side at 14:57.

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