Jay Ungar & Molly Mason – Ashokan Farewell

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An evening pause: A very nice performance of a very nice melody.

Hat tip Diane Zimmerman.



  • pzatchok

    Just re watched the Ken Burns Civil War documentary.

    It used this song quite a bit to great effect.

  • gus deVries

    1.Beautiful music
    2. Robert Zimmerman made a comment on Coast to Coast radio about “science becoming philosophy ” and vice versa. Could you have him send the exact wording. I would not want to repeat it without being correct. Or where I could find it.
    Outstanding information.

  • Gus,

    What I said was that science tries to explain “how” things happen, while philosophy (which includes religion) tries to explain the “why.” When scientists begin to delve into the “why”, they are no longer scientists but are becoming philosophers instead. And when philosophers try to explain the “how”, they are no longer philosophers, but are becoming scientists instead.

    The mistake both make when they do this is not recognizing the differences.

    I hope that helps. And if you quote me, please credit me. You could even give Behind the Black a plug! :)

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