Johnny Cash – Hurt

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An evening pause: Normally I prefer live performances. Normally I don’t like music videos edited with pretentious images, often about adolescent angst. This video is none of that. It is Johnny Cash, in his old age, looking back in time.

Hat tip Jeff Poplin.

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  • Song writer Trenton Reznor has been very complimentary of this interpretation; going so far as to say that Mr. Cash owns the song.

  • Trent Reznor. Auto-correct ate my homework.

  • Garry

    A very powerful performance; very bleak and haunting. It reminds me of the addicts I have known and the interaction between the pain they have experienced and the pain they have caused. So powerful that usually I have to change the station when this song comes on the radio.

  • Darrell

    I have a good one for you

  • wayne

    – you hit the nail on the head referencing ‘addiction,’ I’d also toss in the 20/30-something young lady’s with Borderline Personality Disorder, who cut themselves.

    -thanks for bringing up Nine Inch Nails!
    (Personally, I like both versions, but have to be in different moods.)

    NIN: The downward spiral album 1994

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