Julie Gautier – AMA

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An evening pause: As I watched I could not help thinking of the difficulty of doing this underwater. The music is “Rain in Your Black Eyes,” Ezio Bosso, pianist.

Hat tip Jim Mallamace.



  • Simply beAutiful. Saturating one’s blood and tissues with pure oxygen beforehand would surely be a necessity for making such a film.

  • Kirk

    Beautifully done! I assume she has some weight incorporated into her costume in those scenes which show negative buoyancy.

    Thank you, Bob and Jim.

  • Edward

    The credits list two safety freedivers and a wardrobe person. From the way the skirt moved, any weights used to produce a bit of negative buoyancy would have to have been in the upper part, above the waist.

    And the credits give thanks to those who helped share the movie around the world, such as Robert and Jim.

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