July 20, 1969: “We came in peace for all mankind.”

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An evening pause: In honor of the fiftieth anniversary.

The astronauts plant the American flag, after they had unveiled a plaque on the lunar module with the words, “We came in peace for all mankind.”

This was an American achievement, accomplished because our free and competitive society gave us the resources and trained talent to make it happen. We did it for all mankind, in good will, but we did it, no one else.

It is time that we as well as everyone else do it again.



  • wayne

    Star Trek: Discovery
    -T’kuvma’s Speech
    (English Subtitle)

  • Cotour

    Social Democrats: “We come in peace”.

    Translation: We come in peace and we aspire to change everything that is understood by every day Americans to be good and sound in how our Democratic, Constitutional Republic government operates. All focused on removing the personal ownership of the means of production and transferring its ownership to the state through massive regulation and outright transfer of ownership. And this new form of governance will manage the economy and markets so as to formulate the “Equal” distribution of everything for everyone. It does not get much more chilling for anyone who knows something about history and the nature of man related to power. It however has some appeal to the ignorant and politically mindless.

    (The Leftist Democrats seek to fool those of weak mind and miseducation into thinking that they are disadvantaged and oppressed by their current form of governance and by offering them a “New” political party label that includes the term “Democrat” that this must be a “Better” alternative. In other words a magic trick and a deception. Nothing new here.)

  • wayne

    The Libertarian:
    The Moon — 50 Years On
    Richard Epstein- Hoover
    (Embedded audio player)July 25 2019

    “Richard Epstein shares his memories of the moon landing and reflects on what NASA’s history says about the capabilities — and limits — of the federal government.”

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