Kaylee Rodgers & Killard House Special School – Hallelujah

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An evening pause: As noted at the webpage where I found this video, “Kaylee Rodgers has autism and ADHD, but has been growing in confidence with every performance after starting to sing at the age of just three.”



  • Alex Andrite

    Christ Is Born !
    Glorify Him !


  • Wayne

    Merry Christmas to All.

    Some Christmas Vocabulary in P.S.E.
    -Pidgin sign(ed) English; a mixture of American Sign Language (ASL) + Signed-English.)
    demonstrated by Libbey Ketterer

  • Lee S

    Great singing by the little girl and her backing choir… however I really disagree with changing the lyrics to what is an essentially agnostic song to a religious one…
    The late great Mr Cohen would not approve.

  • Lee S: I think you should take a breath and calm down. A little good will would also help.

    There are plenty of beautiful gospel songs that the non-religious have rewritten to take the religion out of them. It isn’t a big deal, and no one should make a big complaint about it. The same goes for this song as well.

  • Ron Ross

    Strange how the narrow minds and cold hearts tend to pick apart such a wonderful and moving piece. The very word “Hallelujah” is from the Hebrew meaning “Praise the Lord”. To take a “secular” song and elevate it to such a grand and holy level is just wonderful. Kaylee and the School Choir have given the world such a beautiful Christmas gift. I am in the USA and Kaylee touched our hearts on Christmas day. Thank you to ALL those angels.

  • Peter G.

    Hummmmm!….Lee S. is AMAZING! Anyone who can know the operation of someone’s mind, in this case “Mr Cohen would not approve”, must be psychic. How could you POSSIBLY know what Mr. Cohen would or would not approve of?. I get it….just another cranky individual who must find something to complain about in order to be happy. Thank you Kaylee and ALL the wonderful children of Killard School Choir. God bless them all.

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