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Keep It Real – Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG 6×6

An evening pause: I think this is the perfect gift for every man this Christmas season. Whaddya say, women?

Hat tip Mike Nelson.

Genesis cover

On Christmas Eve 1968 three Americans became the first humans to visit another world. What they did to celebrate was unexpected and profound, and will be remembered throughout all human history. Genesis: the Story of Apollo 8, Robert Zimmerman's classic history of humanity's first journey to another world, tells that story, and it is now available as both an ebook and an audiobook, both with a foreword by Valerie Anders and a new introduction by Robert Zimmerman.

The ebook is available everywhere for $5.99 (before discount) at amazon, or direct from my ebook publisher, ebookit. If you buy it from ebookit you don't support the big tech companies and the author gets a bigger cut much sooner.

The audiobook is also available at all these vendors, and is also free with a 30-day trial membership to Audible.

"Not simply about one mission, [Genesis] is also the history of America's quest for the moon... Zimmerman has done a masterful job of tying disparate events together into a solid account of one of America's greatest human triumphs."--San Antonio Express-News


  • Max

    That was fun!
    Don’t try to do it in a Tesla truck.

    Were the rear hubs counter rotating? Planetary gears in the wheel as a torque multiplier that can be activated for off road?

    That sand hill is larger than the southern Utah coral sands where the ski team used to practice in the summertime.

    There’s an exotic motors dealership nearby that not one car on the lot is under a quarter million dollars. I took my grandson there to watch his eyes grow big, and he got to sit in a stretch Mercedes Benz worth $2 million… One of two that were made with armored glass for an Arab prince.

  • wayne

    “According to the book Mercedes In Peace and War, written by Bernard Bellon, the Daimler-Benz Company (makers of Mercedes cars) had a close relationship with the Third Reich. The official company line was that “Daimler-Benz supported the National Socialist regime only to an unavoidable extent for a company of its importance.” But after Daimler-Benz opened its archives in 1986, Bellon uncovered a wealth of information about Daimler-Benz’s military-industrial connection to the Nazi party.
    Bellon writes: “Leading managers of Daimler-Benz lent valuable assistance to the National Socialists before Hitler became Chancellor in 1933.” Daimler-Benz took out large advertisements in the Nazi newspaper Volkischer Beobachter known for its anti-Semitic propaganda. Once Hitler gained power, Daimler-Benz provided cars to party officials. Hitler typically rode in Mercedes vehicles and was a close friend with Jakob Werlin, associate director of Daimler-Benz. Hitler also owned a portfolio of Daimler-Benz stock administered by Werlin.
    When the Nazis came to power they effectively destroyed the unions across Germany. They established a work force based on fear and intimidation that helped Daimler-Benz reduce labor costs and increase profit. In return, Daimler-Benz became the top armaments producer for the Nazis. Daimler-Benz built airplane motors, armored tanks, large trucks and gun barrels for the Mauser rifle. They also built a large section of a V-2 rocket.
    Starting in 1941, Daimler-Benz began using Soviet and French POWs as forced labor. Those who refused to work were sent to concentration camps. By 1943, Daimler-Benz used thousands of Jewish concentration camp worker-slaves to build the weapons of the Nazi war machine. The prisoners “toiled eighteen hours a day, cowering under the lash, sleeping six to a dog kennel eight feet square, starving or freezing to death at the whim of their guards.”
    In the final weeks of the war when it was clear that Germany would lose, Daimler-Benz shipped prisoners back to concentration camps where they’d be gassed. One group of female inmates at the Sachsenhausen camp survived when the camp’s gas chambers failed to function.
    In Neil Gregor’s book Daimler-Benz in the Third Reich, he writes, “Insofar as industrialists and managers did drift into barbarism, they did so because they broadly accepted National Socialist ideology and allowed it to permeate the culture of the company… the company was able to survive in a relatively healthy position to the end of the war… at the expense of the lives of thousands of victims of forced labor.”

  • David M. Cook

    Great information, Wayne! We must not forget the corporations that assisted the NAZI regime. Most of them never received the punishment they so richly deserve!

  • Wayne and David M. Cook: We must also temper vengence with humility and justice. Not one person working for Mercedes-Benz today had anything at all to do with what Daimler-Benz did two generations ago. They were not even alive. To punish these people today for what happened then would be the height of injustice.

    This is not to say we should not remember history. We must however take the right lessons from it. We must ask, is anyone doing anything similar to what Daimler-Benz did in the 1930s? When we ask that question, we immediately can focus on the very bad policies of many actual corporations and government and eductional institutions today who are imposing their own Nazi quota systems, based on race and ethnicity. These are the people to attack, for actions they are actually doing. Not today’s Mercedes-Benz, merely because a previous generation there did wrong.

  • David M. Cook

    Point taken, but remember that companies are “immortal” and difficult to punish. Twice now M-B has worked to oppose our military forces, and I simply think people should spend their money supporting other companies that don‘t have a track record of murder & slavery.

  • Cotour

    Related to the Zman’s response:


    “This is exactly to my eyes what the now radical Democrat party machine that has highjacked their party is actively attempting to accomplish. As counter intuitive as that may sound to the everyday patriotic American Democrat. And what are their deeds?

    “First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven (both longtime members of the Democratic Socialists of America, where Piven today is an honorary chair), the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”

    Trust them only by their deeds, never their words.

    You cannot argue with what we are all witness to the Democrat leadership and this administration currently engaging in. I call it treason, other people think they are just making mistakes.

    Who do you think is correct?

  • Boobah

    Re: Cotour and Cloward-Piven

    Embrace the healing()?) power of and. You’ve arguably got a bootlegger and baptist setup here, where the True Believers (“Baptists”) are really and truly attempting to do good with at least one faction (“Bootleggers”) using the True Believers for cover because they want the same government actions for nefarious ends.

    Bootleggers want to sell booze to people who can’t buy it legally; baptists think booze is immoral. Both want it illegal, so the bootleggers sponsor the baptists and let them be the temperance movement’s face.

    Worth noting: you will never convince a bootlegger to change their mind as a result of the uptick in crime caused by Prohibition; that’s just an oblique way of telling them that they’re right to want it.

  • I can attest: downhill looks much different than uphill. Perhaps because uphill, you can usually go back, but downhill; you’re committed.

  • Edward

    “Everybody loves an overhead switch.”

    To paraphrase Will Smith in Independence Day: “I gotta get me one of those!”

  • wayne

    David M. Cook–
    Look up “The United States of America vs. Carl Krauch, et al.” (also known as “IG Farben Trial.”)
    as well as “The United States of America vs. Friedrich Flick, et al,” (The Flick Trial) and “The United States of America vs. Alfried Krupp, et al.” (The Krupp Trial.)

    The interesting thing about these trials is; what, in American law, gave the United States the authority to prosecute (and execute) German citizens, in an American Federal Court, who committed crimes against other German citizens, at a time when everything they did was considered perfectly legal under German law?
    (besides the fact that we won, and we could do anything we wanted to them)

    I bring this up for the reason Robert Barnes is currently suing Tyson Foods (civilly) under provisions of the “Nuremburg Code,” and the presiding Judge has decided Barnes needs to be sanctioned for attempting to use the arguments available under American law.

    Viva / Barnes
    Episode 189 (Dec. 4, 2023)

  • wayne



    “Bootleggers and Baptists in the Garden of Good and Evil: Understanding America’s Entangled Economy”
    The Mercatus Center; Dr. Bruce Yandle (2015)

    (Bootleggters & Baptists specifically, starting around the 16:00 mark.)

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