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Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

An evening pause: This recreation attempts to recapture the reality of how Lincoln himself might have said the speech. Listen to the words, however. This is no pandering speech, as we routinely see today. It is hard, muscled, and honest, bluntly recognizing that all, from both sides of the Civil War, must pay for the scourge of slavery.

It is fitting to watch it today, on the anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination.

Hat tip Jim Mallamace.

Genesis cover

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  • Alex

    Not all share this positive view of Lincoln, just the opposite! Here are some exampless:

    Abraham Lincoln: What They Wont Teach You in School

    The Truth About Abraham Lincoln (Stefan Molyneux)

  • Laurie

    Perhaps in some palpable way Lincoln considered and perceived the sufferings of those in bonds and understood such suffering in a manner that escapes those who have not lived the despair of being an outcast – of being nothing more than property. If so, his motive might have been, chiefly, to “right a grievous wrong”, even if it meant visiting calamity on his adversaries. That he invokes God with a moral ambiguity amplifies his own sense of isolation, it would seem.

  • Michael Miller


    Lincoln was wrong about secession.

    “A house divided …. is just a duplex.”


  • wayne

    Laurie– a most excellent observation.

    Michael Miller-
    — had not encountered that one before. I would put forth– it may be literally true, but not in the context to which it was applied.

    Alex–This is where I part ways (big time) with the Lincoln-haters, which includes most of the folks at Mises dot org, Stefan Molyneux, Ron Paul, and the Usual Suspects a.k.a. the “Neo-Confederates.”
    -highly recommend this 20 minute back-n-forth:

    Mark Levin interviews Rich Lowry on his book-
    “Lincoln Unbound”

  • Laurie

    Thanks for the insights, Wayne.

  • D.K. Williams

    Make the slave-trading countries pay reparations for their ill-gotten gains! If necessary, seize any assets they have in the USA and impress their seamen!

  • Cotour

    Another stellar example of the convenient self serving logic and intellectual dishonesty of the Left and their indoctrination machine:

    Lincoln would be disheartened at their failure to understand the intent of the Constitution and the First Amendment.

  • Edward

    Michael Miller noted: “A house divided …. is just a duplex.”

    This may be true, but from people whom I have known who shared ownership of a duplex, relations go downhill very fast whenever they are unable to agree with each other about the property.

    Come to think of it, that is what happened between the abolitionists and the slave owners in the early United States, at least the slave owners who desired slavery (Jefferson and Washington showed their dislike of the institution of slavery by freeing their slaves at their deaths — the earliest time that they could really do so). There was trouble, animosity, and difficult negotiations from the time of the writing of the Declaration of Independence, to the drafting of the US Constitution, to the admittance of new states, all the way to the (Un)Civil War.

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