Loggins and Messina – Angry Eyes

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An evening pause: Hat tip Frank Kelly.



  • eddie willers

    One of my favorite songs of all time. I’m guessing this came from a tour they did not long ago. One of the few Oldie reunions where they had lost little through aging. Kenny still hits most high notes and Jim’s voice was never strained to begin with.

    I bought the DVD when it was released for $22. I hope they reissue it for you guys because in my search to find the actual name of the DVD (Loggins and Messina Live – Sittin’ in Again at Santa Barbara Bowl) it is now going for $250 used. And no, I won’t sell my copy. It’s THAT good.

  • Frank

    Eddie, the Santa Barbara Bowl gig is a gem of a recording. Great musicians, young and old in their prime, doing what they do and having fun. Loggins and Messina are such contradictions, two very different styles that mix perfectly for great music. The whole show is on youtube and is a treat.

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