Lower Waterholes Canyon, Arizona

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An evening pause: Waterholes Canyon is a side canyon leading down into the Colorado River, north of the Grand Canyon. The people canyoneering here are caving friends of mine. The video was created by Kimberly Franke, whom you pretty much only see in the opening still shot, since she was wearing the camera most of the time. Her husband Kevin Franke is also a fellow caver who is the person with the white helmet and thick whitish beard. The woman in the red helmet doing the very long drop near the end is Belinda Norby, also a fellow caver. The music is “Point of No Return” by Roger Subirana Mata.

The world is filled with amazing things to see. This video does a nice job of highlighting just one of them.



  • Wow.

    Noticed the rope grooves in the rock. How is the order of people for first traverse of a pitch determined?

  • Blair: I’m not sure I understand your question. I can tell you that on trips like this, generally everyone is pretty experienced and capable, and so the order is not that important. Usually the first person ready, with their gear, is the first to start down (or up, which doesn’t happen in canyoneering but does when caving). Sometimes it is merely who wants to go next. And the order will change from drop to drop. Kim’s video only shows some of the trip. From what they told me, there were a number of other rappels not shown.

  • danae

    Our beautiful Earth, as most of us never see it. The colors and shapes are wonderful, and your friends’ athleticism and spirit of adventure inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  • wayne

    Yes, this is very cool!
    We don’t have any Mountains or Canyon’s in Michigan, we do however have magnificent sand-dunes.

  • Robert,

    Question answered. Thanks.

  • Wayne

    Absolutely not to detract from Waterholes Canyon, for those of us who can’t travel out West–I will shill for Michigan sand dunes.

    “The Legend of the Sleeping Bear”
    (Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore)
    4 minutes

    And especially for Cotour–
    – Chef Mario from GMA, refers to the area as “The Mayberry of Michigan.” (!) (I’m not in Mayberry, but it’s apparently closer, than I thought!)

    “Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: Most Beautiful Place in America 2011”

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