Marilyn Monroe – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

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An evening pause: From the 1953 movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.



  • mivenho

    An interesting note according to Wikipedia:

    Marilyn sang most of the song, but Marni Nixon – who died just yesterday 7/24/16 – was enlisted to sing in two places: the “No’s” at the very beginning, and at the phrase “These rocks don’t lose their shape, diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

  • wayne


    Thanks for that tidbit!

  • Localfluff

    Diamonds are forever
    Is the best slogans ever. It’s said to have been casually invented by a secretary at de Beers HQ, but you know how it is with such claims. A slogan which also lasts forever. Everyone understands it, and is still intrigued by the foreverness which beyond our reach. Did that slogan come about soon after this Monroe appearance? A campaign to make diamonds popular.

  • wayne

    “Diamonds are forever,” that slogan was introduced after WW-2
    DeBeers also invented the engagement ring.

  • eddie willers

    “Diamonds are forever”

    I like Ron White’s variation: “Diamonds….THAT’LL shut her up”.

  • Localfluff

    “DeBeers also invented the engagement ring.”
    That too? Which of course must have a decorative stone which lasts, how long did you say, honey? de Beers must’ve had the best marketing people ever. Forever! Just to come up with the thought:
    “- If you don’t buy our product, or you won’t have a family!”
    And it immediately sticks totally everywhere. Fantastic.

    Here’s a nice lecture about Louis XIV in the 17th century who gave new birth and meaning to luxury and fashion. He reigned for 70 years (until 1715), longer than any other king ever, so he had time to realize his visions. He corrupted the good-for-nothing rich noblesse and made them invest most of what they had in the luxury fashion industry, which he turned into France’s totally dominating export industry. Simply by public appearances, he transformed the landowner’s capital into high precision artisan industries which exported high value luxury products to the rest of the known world. Versailles was a profitable investment in trade policy, and psychological world dominance. France!

    Does anyone recognize anything of this in the US election process today?
    Will we see morning TV broadcasting the rise of the Trump getting dressed “04:30, up before the enemy”, so that he can market his lingerie too? Louis XIV actually did that! He made his dressing and undressing public events in order to “convince” all fashion follower (i.e. all other kings and noblemen in Europe) to buy also this season’s French lingerey. He’d regret himself he didn’t invent that engagement ring idea. Having invented that, then inventing the divorce would multiply the sales! When love is lost, the diamond is still there.

    I recommend this lecture about how a king invented fashion in the 17th century. I think it is actually current, or eternal, politics in some way:

  • wayne

    Fluffman– Yeah, Best Marketing People Ever! On Earth!
    DeBeers as well, is perhaps one of the longest-lived Monopolies, ever constructed.

    As far as advertising slogans, the best one (in the modern era, in the USA at least) is perhaps, “Does She, or Doesn’t She?”…only her hairdresser knows for sure… if she colors her hair.

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