Pioneer cover

From the press release: From the moment he is handed a possibility of making the first alien contact, Saunders Maxwell decides he will do it, even if doing so takes him through hell and back.

Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

The vision that Zimmerman paints of vibrant human colonies on the Moon, Mars, the asteroids, and beyond, indomitably fighting the harsh lifeless environment of space to build new societies, captures perfectly the emerging space race we see today.

He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

Available everywhere for $3.99 (before discount) at amazon, Barnes & Noble, all ebook vendors, or direct from the ebook publisher, ebookit. And if you buy it from ebookit you don't support the big tech companies and I get a bigger cut much sooner.

Mattias Lindström (Swebounce) – Robot chair

An evening pause: What every home must have!

Hat tip Jim Mallamace.


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  • Chris

    If this act was in the US, the OSHA guy would be writing $10K fines every time he was within the radius of the arm

  • Klystron

    So a comedian and an industrial robot walk into a bar….

  • John

    It’s all fun and games until the robot becomes self aware and sticks the chair where the sun don’t shine.

  • Alex Andrite

    Fun and Games ? for fun ….
    I used a similar, stationary breadbox size table top robot type, while at Semiconductor Trade Shows long ago. Actually pretty dumb, until we added googly eyes and some “robot type” makeup on its “head” and “jaws”, much to the chagrin of the Japanese manufacturing reps.
    I would program robot to do the “things” as advertised, pick and place IC’s into trays, 360deg maneuvers with a Si wafer in its jaws, and multi axis rotations and so on.
    It really drew attention though, when programmed to hang its head nod slightly and mope back and forth, until a lovely walked by. Then robot would come alive rise up to its full two foot height and shudder, tracking the lovely as she walked towards our booth, google eyes buzzing, then at close to mid point of her walk by, robot would drop its head and knock like a wood pecker on the table top, if she stopped to look the next routine was a “come here” wave, and the next routine, if she registered and paused, was for robot to turn and reach over to a bowl of Hershey kisses, pick a kiss and turn to her with slight shivering offering her a Hershey kiss. If she received the kiss, robot routine would then pick up a business card and extend it to her, or place it back in the card holder tray.
    The sales guys remained silent, until …. and then love it.

    We had more fun with that small robot and the routines we could program, and execute remotely with a controller button press on the fly. Later, my routines “cheater list” was well appreciated by the manufacturing reps, and led me to do similar “Trade Shows”, as well as many after hours brainstorming / dining and fun drinking sessions.
    Oh, if a fellow approached, robot would offer him a piece of Black Jack type chewing gum.

    I considered syncing a routine with a “dance and music” routine, but never finished it, had to get a life and pay check.

  • wayne

    (Great moniker btw.)
    Here we go…
    “God, Devil and Man walks into a bar…”

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