Melinda Kathleen Reese – O Come O Come Emmanuel

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An evening pause: The video replays her singing the same thing three times. There is a good reason, as she almost appears to have begun singing as a lark, and the acoustics of the church astonish her. The repeats help bring out this amazing quality.

Hat tip Jim Mallamace.



  • Kevin R.

    Beautiful. Thanks.

  • Alex Andrite

    We have been created to sing and to rejoice. It is right there in our midst.
    It is a song, a hymn deep within us, longing to burst forth. You know that it is there.
    Sadly, in this age, with all of its background ruckus and nothing noise, our society has lost its ability to listen and to hear and comprehend .
    As so have we.
    Unless we listen.

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