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Miracle on 34th Street

An evening pause: This movie used to be a tradition for televion on Thanksgiving. At that time the holiday was well linked with the then joyous and relatively Christian Macy’s Day Parade (now warped into a queer agenda demonstration).

It I think makes for a good opening to the holiday season.

Genesis cover

On Christmas Eve 1968 three Americans became the first humans to visit another world. What they did to celebrate was unexpected and profound, and will be remembered throughout all human history. Genesis: the Story of Apollo 8, Robert Zimmerman's classic history of humanity's first journey to another world, tells that story, and it is now available as both an ebook and an audiobook, both with a foreword by Valerie Anders and a new introduction by Robert Zimmerman.

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"Not simply about one mission, [Genesis] is also the history of America's quest for the moon... Zimmerman has done a masterful job of tying disparate events together into a solid account of one of America's greatest human triumphs."--San Antonio Express-News


  • wayne

    AMC Backstory –
    “Miracle on 34th Street”

    (from the special features on the 2006 Fox DVD)

  • I need to watch the movie. I have only seen portions of it.

    A question that is totally without answer on my part, what has infected large American companies to push the LGBTQ+ agenda, CRT, DIE and all of the other progressive (religious) stances? Part of it may be the HR departments overloaded with young female college graduates who seem to be the most intent on pushing this nonsense. What bothers me is why do the companies, like Target, continue to do this even though it is hurting their profitability?

  • Concerned

    BillB: I read recently that huge Wall Street investment firms, principally Blackrock, rate companies based on their Environmental Social Governance (ESG) scores. Companies with low ESG scores, ie less woke, are less able to access capital loans that are crucial to big business operation. Blackrock, run by the despicable Larry Fink, holds a mind-boggling 40% of all worldwide investment accounts—WORLDWIDE!! This puts enormous pressure on companies to adopt and push these insane and immoral practices. If by some miracle Trump is able to regain the presidency, in addition to deconstucting the administrative Deep State, he must take a hatchet to Wall Street and the Big Money Cartel.

  • Max

    Concerned, I agree.

    When Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex… The right people weren’t listening and now we are orders of magnitude beyond that. The president and Congress are just puppets for the deep state which isn’t satisfied with owning and controlling the United States anymore, world domination is in there grasp!
    At one time there were five or more intelligence agencies that would watch the watchers… The World Trade Center destruction was used to facilitate the homeland security bill which united all of the agencies under one roof which proceeded to act with one goal in mind and it wasn’t for the US tax payer.
    First step was to put their own people in charge which we know now to be Nationalsocialist/communist. War after war to consolidate their power at home and their holdings, then to facilitate the ability to drain the treasury… ($500 toilet seats wasn’t enough for what they had in mind.) they even set up Iran with plane loads of cash to support the terrorist so Congress could appropriate billions more to stop them. (Biden would say that the 6 billion released was not touched… But what he doesn’t tell you is that billions more was loaned against-using this money as security)

    They were so successful they had to invent an entire new verbiage and social construct as a networking ploy. In steps the “public/private partnership”, were Congress and the president works for Black rock, and black rock works for the government in a revolving door! (The banks, Wall Street, The federal reserve with its private IRS military, pharmaceuticals, computer companies, anyone who uses E.S.G. as a standard is controlled by Black rock, Vanguard, State Street as the majority stockholders.)
    With the administrative state initiating “the final rule” recently, there is no more “fiduciary” to the customer but only to E.S.G. government to save the world… (That’s the true purpose behind environmentalism because the rest of it is a bunch of crap) 401(k)s are basically being handed over to Black rock to spend as they wish, why? Because they can.
    Billions of dollars have been funneled through Ukraine as a money laundering scheme to deplete the US treasury. The money returns to USA and is being used to buy up valuable real estate in blue sanctuary states, depreciated because of antifa, and LBTQURTY also known as “useful idiots” who will be thrown away when the tide turns and they’ve done their part. (Insanity never lasts) divide and conquer using somebody else’s money. (rules for radicals)
    What about the Constitution and our rights? They’ll just ignore it and us, and do what they want, who’s going to stop them? You’ve seen it with your own eyes, ignore the supreme court while having banana republic show trials.
    (George Bush said, the constitution is toilet paper… useful when you need it)

    “So, BlackRock gets paid by U.S. taxpayers via the Ukrainian government to devise a plan that ensures the success of their future investments in Ukraine, made from money gained by making American housing unaffordable. With a deal like that for our financial and political elite, why would they ever want peace?“

    The money is on its way, they’re starting to rebuild but they need the war to keep the cash flowing and Russia is willing to help them out as long as they don’t have to give back the half of the country that they’ve taken. (One hand washes another) (The war was actually over last spring when they ran out of bullets and people, but nobody’s told us)

    “the estimated cost of reconstruction and recovery in Ukraine has grown to $411 billion. Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery cost is 2.6 times the country’s estimated 2022 gross domestic product”

    Where is your retirement? Protecting Ukraine’s Borders while there’s no one protecting ours! A win-win for Black rock. Ukraine, the 51st state.

  • Alton Blevins


    A couple of things…..
    BlackRock and the rest of the Four Horsemen of ESG
    (Vanguard, First Street, State Street) along with the 70 other investment firms have joined the Horse Herd, …..bought five to 12% of most public Companies, thus are the major shareholders using the 70 TRILLION in average AMERICAN’S assets, and uses it to control the Corporations actions and appoint the Boards that oversee each one .

    75% of the top 50 US Banks are owned by the Horsemen. You need funding for your Corporation?
    Pay to Play, or fund you own dough.

    The East Cost Ivy League now provides the bulk of top management in Corporations and USG, Washington DC. Academia has infused almost all Ivy League graduates with the Religious Precepts of WOKEness .

    AB Budweiser InBev after buying out the original family owners moved
    Corporate Operations from St Louis to … NYC .
    Began staffing up with Harvard Yale & Ivy League Grads, those who dreamed up the 365 days a “Woman” Can…
    Now all five “Ivys” at the top in the USA are gone, including the Special 400 person advertising agency that found the “NewFace” for Butt Lite.

    The Human Rights Campaign has a published list of the WOKE approved American Corporations…all 2,113 as if 2022.
    843 had 💯 Percent Ratings……
    AB Budweiser INBEV,
    🎯 TARGET,
    Bank of America,

  • wayne

    Forgiato Blow
    “Target” (May, 2023)

    “Attention all shoppers; there’s a clean-up on every aisle…”

  • Edward

    This 1947 version is the one worth watching.

    There was a remake in the 1970s that wasn’t bad — it was so much worse than bad.

    The 1994 version was written by the same screenwriter, and it put more emphasis on the “I believe” theme than his original. I only hope that it was the other two screenwriters who were the ones that ruined it so badly that it should never be watched, which forever contaminates the memories of this original 1947 version.

  • wayne

    Yes, one has to watch the original version.

    the 55 minute audio version…..

    Lux Radio Theatre – (12/10/48)
    Miracle on 34th Street

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