Nick Drake – One of These Things First

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An evening pause: This cover of the Nick Drake song is quite nice. The musician, who does not identify himself anywhere on his youtube page, is playing everything, though some of the instrument tracks were recorded earlier. One funny bit: The song is so good that I never noticed the first time that he has a black cat on his lap. As he notes, “My cat decided to shift positions on my lap just as it was about to end, almost ruining a good take. Luckily he settled down just in time.” Watch it first for the song, then take a look near the end as the cat tries to steal the scene.

Hat tip Edward Thelen.


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  • Chris Kirkendall

    Beautiful, haunting song, typical of Nick Drake. This guy does an amazing job – he sounds almost exactly like him. I only recently discovered Drake myself – I’d read articles about this guy, whom many considered a musical genius, but only actually heard some of his stuff a few months ago. I’m almost always underwhelmed when I read glowing reports of some purported “genius”, but in this case, I think they were right. Thanks for the great post!

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