Pablo Larcuen – Elefante

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An evening pause: A short film, courtesy of Jim Mallamace.



  • ken anthony

    When I was a kid the teacher had us write an essay on what animal we’d like to be. I decided to go with elephant, which was apparently such an unusual choice they decided I needed therapy! Absolutely true.

  • Keith

    Now I have a new concern every time I get a headache.

  • wayne

    good one!
    (btw– I used to “….ask too many questions…” in 3rd grade, so they put me on Ritalin. Then I wouldn’t shut up!)

    “First World Problems”

  • ken anthony


    Perspective is so like hard, ya know? I’m pretty sure I know those folks. On occasion I probably am those folks (rarely I hope.)

  • Edward

    ken anthony,

    That was hilarious. Unfortunately, I may have been a millennial before it was in fashion. When I first started working, whenever I came in late I left early to make up for it. ;-)


    I had all of those FWPs, too. I especially hated the remote problem, because it defeated the purpose of the remote. What frustration!

    Well, now I have a headache. I hope it isn’t a sign of a worse problem.

    (What’s going on with my nose?)

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