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An evening pause: For anyone who has ever listened to NPR, it will be hard to distinguish the satire here from reality, since the skit so well captures public radio’s often empty-headed blather disguised as profound intellectualism, framed by a strong desire to promote anything the government wants done.

Hat tip to John Harman.



  • ‘but they are lesbians’. End of days, fall of Rome, it’s here and it’s now. I don’t give a freak who you sleep with, but I do care about your priorities. Far too many people are caught up in identity politics, and we’re not going to survive it. I have a theory that more civilizations are undone through decadence than natural disaster: applies to non-human civilizations, too. The clip is humor; but I can’t help but think that we’re not going to make it.

  • Matt in AZ

    But people can say that about any era. WWII was way worse than the craziness of now, and if we can make it through the MAD of the Cold War in one piece (albeit just barely, a few times), anything is possible.

  • Edward

    We may have just barely lived through the MADness of the Cold War, but what if we hadn’t?

    As for WWII, despite our fight against tyranny, we are in one right now. We may still be living, but the tyrannical US government is now free to direct us as to how to spend our own money. We did not make it past the Cold War as well as you seem to think.

    (Even should Obamacare be overturned, the SCOTUS ruling says that the Sixteenth Amendment allows the government to tyrannically direct us to do, against our will, anything the government wishes, just so long as they apply the concept of a tax to the law that directs us into the action. The tyranny can outlive Obamacare and can spread beyond it, too. As always: does anyone know of any other tyranny in all of history that had the temerity to directed its people as to how to spend their own money? Honest, I want to know.)

    We may not care who anyone sleeps with (did we ever?), but when they are free to direct us to participate — and how to participate — in their lives, whether or not it is our choice, then it matters. For them to direct us who to associate with is just as tyrannical as though we were to direct them who to sleep with. Once again, we may still be alive, but we already have not survived it.

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