Pink Floyd – See Emily Play

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An evening pause: The link calls this the official video, remastered in 2011. The style and look of the filming however fits the 1960s to a T.

Hat tip Wayne DeVette.



  • Wayne

    BBC must have pulled down this version in just the past few weeks, cuz I downloaded the file in April.
    Nifty little Floyd tune, harkens back to a simpler time in some respects, excepting the whole “lose your mind today..” motif, har.
    (There were some other lower-quality & edited versions at youtube, no clue how vigilant the copyright-police have been.)

  • Unfortunately, I am on the road, so fixing this is difficult if not impossible. Oh well. If you can find this video on youtube and post the link as a comment, I might be able to fix the post. At a minimum this will provide people access to it.

  • mpthompson

    I think this is an alternate link to Pink Floyd – See Emily Play.

  • That’s the song, but it isn’t the video that Wayne suggested. The video was a very 1960s avant-garde type surreal film, far better than this production which just shows the band hamming it up on a grassy field.

  • Mitch S

    Have to try it on a VPN.
    Don’t have one set up here but maybe I’ll have a chance in a few days.

  • Wayne

    Looks like the BBC has scrubbed them all —the particular version in question— off of youtube.

    Thanks for your effort!
    If you notice, for the version you found, is the exact same background location for a number of short WHO videos, from that same time period.

  • Wayne

    Mitch S:
    >Go for it!
    Not sure if it’s just blocked in the USA, or “everywhere.”

  • James Little Rock

    Pink Floyd probably the best non-metal band ever, ‘See Emily Play’ fantastic song from a classic album.

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