Ra Paulette – cave artist

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An evening pause: He doesn’t draw art in caves, he carves the cave itself.

Hat tip Tom Biggar.



  • wodun

    This is pretty cool, it appeals to my inner moleman.

  • ByOdin

    WOW… Now THAT is a cool hobby!

  • PeterF

    The most enduring archaeological feature is a hole. Even though they are dug out of very soft stone, these caves may well out last the pyramids (if they are not destroyed by barbarians like the standing Buddha was).
    The opal miners in Australia make their homes in their mines and they are very similar but are dug out of an even softer dirt. They require minimal heating and cooling and are tornado proof.
    Underground housing doesn’t need to be claustrophobic, and dark. light pipes can bring in natural sunlight and “virtual windows” can provide a live view of outside (like in the inside cabins on the Royal Caribbean cruise ships)
    Perhaps one day we will see communities (on Mars?) underground with a farm or a park on the “roof”.
    This story make my imagination soar.

  • danae

    Beautiful spaces. Aside from the artistry, imagine the ingenuity required to build them from the top down.

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