Renaissance – Mother Russia

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An evening pause: Performed live 1977.

Hat tip Wayne DeVette.



  • Laurie

    There’s so much spin that I no longer know east from west.

  • Jack

    it is tribute to Solzhenitsyn with lyrics taken from one his novels.

  • Laurie

    Excellent, thanks for pointing that out.

  • Kirk


    As a teenager (not quite four decades ago) I spent a summer working at a marina in the Bahamas. While cleaning a sailboat returned from charter I found an unlabeled mix tape in the player, and it included this song. I played it for several people but wasn’t able to identify it until years later when I was in the Navy serving on a ship out of Charleston and I played it for the nearly blind, albino, Johnny Winter-looking owner of a used record store in North Charleston. He immediately recognized it, walked out to the bins, laid his hand directly on the album’s spine, and then had to pull out a magnifying glass and stare through it for several seconds to verify he had pulled the correct LP (which he nearly always did on the first try)! I’ve still got that record in my box of vinyl in my storage unit.

    The album, “Turn of the Cards”, is full of goodness, particularly “Black Flame” which starts side 2. Thanks Wayne and Bob!

  • wayne

    That, is a great story!

    thanks for pointing that out.

    There is a b&w video version from a year earlier, wherein Annie does i.d. Solzhenitsyn at the intro, but I went with the color bbc version

    This tune was confined almost exclusively to FM radio, although a 3-4 minute edited cut was released for AM.

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