Roger Hodgson – The Logical Song

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An evening pause: Hat tip to Edward Thelen, who continues to be the one evening pause suggester who tries to find sources other than youtube. Competition is a good thing, and Google and youtube need some competition.

Unfortunately, there was no way to embed the video shown at the Brighteon link, so sadly I still had to use youtube.



  • wayne

    Edward–good find!
    (Not my most favorite Supertramp tune, but I do love-me, some Supertramp!)

    Fool’s Overture –
    Roger Hodgson w Orchestra

  • Max

    This takes me back, good times in a simple life.

    I like music, but I do not seek it out. This song in particular was a pivotal moment in my life turning 17 in 1979. I Purchased my first car for $400, a 68 GTO, that came with mechanical troubles and eight track player. The most important part of the car.
    Breakfast in America was my first music purchase that I played over and over again. The logical song best illustrated the conflict I was feeling inside as I was soon to be 18 trying to decide what I would do when I graduate high school. (Spock was my role model)

    Logic and critical thinking over emotion and animal instincts has served me well for a happy life.

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