Rogue Wave – Lake Michigan

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A evening pause: Hat tip Edward Thelen.



  • Willi

    A podcast has shown up early on Batchelor’s podcasts page.

  • Willi: HAH! I beat you to it this time, getting it posted before you bugged me to do it. :)

  • Willi

    My posts about podcasts are not intended to bug you but are for others, like me, who just can’t wait to hear the latest interaction between you and John. When I got a “thank you” from Wayne I felt good about “bugging” you.

  • Willi: Don’t misunderstand. No criticism on my part was meant. I was just amused that I got my post up this time before you noted its appearance on Batchelor’s site. I am rarely as quick as you are.

    And I definitely appreciate your support!

  • wayne

    Good selection, it’s growing on me.

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