Samantha Whates – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)

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An evening pause: Hat tip Jim Mallamace, who tells this story about the song’s origin: ” Future country music star, Jeannie Seely, worked as a secretary at Liberty and Imperial Records in 1963. The producer for the record company, Eddie Ray, was looking for a new song for Rythm & Blues legend, Irma Thomas.

“After each day’s work, Seely would work on her own compositions on the studio piano. One day, Seely was asked to attend an Artists and Repertoire meeting by Ray. She came to the meeting with her stenography pad but was told, no, he wanted her to sing that song she was writing the night before.

“‘Anyone Who Knows What Love Is’ became a 1964 hit for Irma Thomas in both the R&B and Pop charts. It was the first song Seely had published.”


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  • LocalFluff

    Here’s a video from the pilot’s view from the inside of a fighter aircraft during some G-force exercises. Up to 9G. And heading straight down to the ground, which apparently is only a couple of seconds away, at 6G when breathing sounds hard.

    One of the best and cheapest all-purpose fighter jets in the world, by the way. Made to land on highways and be very quickly serviced and returned to flight by a few teenage conscripts with 9 months of training.

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