Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk

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An evening pause: The song should immediately be familiar, though I doubt most people today will know of the performers who wrote it.

Hat tip Jim Mallamace, who writes, “This performance is from 1959, an era when performers wore ties to show respect to their audience. One must wonder how performers show respect to their audience, these days–or even if it’s an issue.”


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  • Mike Borden

    I attended a Puscifer performance last year in Tucson. Maynard Keenan(their lead singer songwriter) makes it a very involved and important piece of the show to stop towards the end, to introduce members of the band, give background, and to let the audience know that they are by far the most importat. He does this in every band, in every show, during each and every performance. I have not seen or experienced anything like this from any other artist

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