Saving a tree

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An evening pause: Is there nothing modern technology can’t do?

Hat tip Edward Thelen.



  • mpthompson

    It was cool seeing the two giant hoes clawing the ground to pull the tree along.

    I wonder if the tree actually survived the move.

  • ken anthony

    Now juxtapose this with the tree grinder.

  • Cotour

    Lets get a little perspective here, all of those earth moving machines plus two high powered lifting machines barely moved that tree that is lets approximate / estimate to weigh including the the box and earth maybe, 30 tons for the tree and another 150 tons for the box? 180 ton total gross weight? Maybe more? Maybe less?

    Now lets look at something, one among many, that was cut and moved miles and is thousands of years old that weighs approximately 1000 tons!

  • Heh. I wondered whether anyone would notice the contrast.

  • Hey, no one is denying the achievements of past pre-industrial age societies. They were clever engineers, like all humans, and figured out how to move big objects using the tools and labor at hand. There isn’t anything mysterious about this either. You need to move a big monolith and you don’t have our heavy equipment, you use man hours combined with the basic lever and wheel to make it happen.

    Nonetheless, these are inanimate rocks. Moving a living tree this size without killing it is a far more challenging task, and I am skeptical pre-industrial societies could have done it successfully.

  • Cotour

    Point taken and appreciated.

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