Scott Ott – How NPR really covers the GOP Presidential Primary race

An evening pause: Rather than waste your time watching the childish reporting of the presidential campaign on cable news, watch this short satire of NPR instead. It sums things up nicely, poking great fun at liberal news coverage.

Sadly, most of the conservative coverage has been as childish.

Hat tip Tom Biggar.


  • Cotour

    Its funny you post this today, I just this afternoon was explaining to someone that I had to figure out why when I listened to NPR I found myself getting slowly pissed off. I came to the conclusion that their coverage of and discussion of and their humor about politics was extremely condescending and as you point out childish. All under the cover of very high and intellectual discussion and humor.

    I listen to the BBC in the morning, then Brian Lehrer who is a self admitted liberal and spinner for the left but I have heard him admit as much, he is a good interviewer and does have well structured interviews. And I listen to The Best Of Car Talk on Saturday morning. They have a comedy segment called “Wait, wait, don’t tell me” that represents the height of their condescension and is the program that sends me off the deep end, a program which I can not stand to listen to.

    Listening to NPR (if you can stand it) allows one a peek into the mind of the liberal media operative, their agenda and their spin.

  • Joe

    Generally, more than hour of NPR makes me angry, the digs at conservatives are not well concealed and more or less border on blatant flinging crap at the wall to see what sticks, the only show I could listen to was car talk!

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