Senator Cruz’s speech today in trying to get the Senator to pass the House bill funding the government but defunding Obamacare.

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An evening pause: Senator Cruz’s (R-Texas) speech today in trying to get the Senate to pass the House continuing resolution funding the government but defunding Obamacare. His speech begins at 6:25, after Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) rejected that bill.

I think it worthwhile for everyone to watch this speech, as Cruz makes it very clear that the only people willing to shut the government down are the Democrats. Moreover, Reid’s rejection establishes unequivocally the fact that the Democrats are once again endorsing Obamacare, despite its now very obvious disastrous problems.



  • Kenneth Stevens

    Mickey Kaus points out that Cruz had a choice between fighting amnesty for illegals, a battle that he had an excellent chance of winning, or attempting to stop Obamacare, which he is bound to lose albeit in a showy fashion designed to make him look good on FOXNews.

    There is nothing lower than a traitor. The Republicans who cheer Cruz on deserve the demographic tidal wave that is about to wash them away.

  • Traitor? Do have the slightest idea what the word means?

    Misuse of the language like this discredits you. You might not agree with Cruz’s choices, and you might be right about those choices. Nonetheless, just because he picks a different battle than you prefer does not make him a traitor.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    Just wait until Cruz and his pals have abetted the transformation this country into a colony of Third World peasants, and then get back to me on what “traitor” means.

  • You sound like the bigoted WASPS of the late 19th century, complaining about the influx of “swarthy” eastern European peasants who were going to destroy America. You also sound like the bigoted early British settlers, complaining about arrival of the savage Irish and Scots immigrants in the early 18th century.

    In both cases, the majority of Americans welcomed the immigrants, and the immigrants turned into assets. The bigots were wrong then, and they shall be wrong now.

    What we need above all is freedom for the new immigrants to prosper. That freedom, however, is being destroyed by the federal government. If we can fix that, than your fears of “Third World peasants” vanishes as they become the next wave of new blood that energizes the country. It is I think for this reason Cruz has chosen this particular battle to fight.

    Once again, he might be wrong, but to call him a traitor because you disagree with him makes you look ridiculous and discredits your position.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    The GOP’s pro-amnesty Treason Lobby cannot duck the question of just how well Third Worlders are assimilating into our society, however much they try.

    In Los Angeles county alone, welfare for illegals costs the taxpayers there 650 million dollars a year, never mind all the other associated expenses such as schooling. Speaking of which, the Golden State’s educational system used to be the envy of the world, but now its test scores compete with Mississippi’s for worst in the nation. And let us not overlook that when the housing bubble popped, fifty percent of the bad loans in this country were in but one state, California.

    Can you quit using shaming language such as “bigoted’ long enough to name one state, one county, one city, that has seen its quality of life go up in measurable ways as its proportion of Mexican immigrants has increased, or that has at least managed to hold its own? I submit that you cannot.

  • I use the word “bigoted” for good reason, since you assign the problem to the race of the immigrants, while I assign it to the failed policies in places like California and most of the blue state, liberal, and Democratically controlled urban areas where most of today’s modern immigrants have flocked.

    You use the “shaming language” of “treason” without having the slightest idea what the word means.

    I think you should drop this thread, for your own benefit. Up until now you have couched your statements very carefully, to avoid being obvious about your position. You are now becoming very obvious.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    Again, name one state, one county, one city, that has seen its quality of life go up in measurable ways as its proportion of Mexican immigrants has increased, or that has at least managed to hold its own. Can you? Or are you reduced merely to attacks on my character?

  • I am not attacking your character, I am labeling your position for what it is.

  • wodun

    Values are not skin deep, despite what Democrats say. It is foolish to think all the immigrants will vote Democrat just because they are brown.

  • wodun

    Why can’t he fight both?

  • Kenneth Stevens

    But what of your position? There still remains the matter of naming even one couterexample, not to mention the awkward fact that even after four generations in our so-called Melting Pot, Hispanics have abysmal levels of educaitonal achievement. So much for assimilation.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    Are you saying that it is possible for a position to be racist while the person who holds it is not? Interesting.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    The comment directly above was for Mr. Zimmerman.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    But based on election numbers, Hispanics do vote Decmocrat two-thirds of the time, despite a tremendous amount of pandering by Rebublicans such as Bush, McCain, and Romney.

    Did ninety-plus percent of blacks vote for Obama because they had gone to the trouble of studying his position on the issues, or simplybecause they wanted to cast their ballots for somebody who looked like them? Which seems likeliest to you? If the answer is the latter in the case of blacks, there is no reason to think that the same thing cannot be happening with Hispanics.

  • Edward

    The phrase “choose your battles” exists for a reason. You really only have so much political capital (think of it as favors you can ask of others), and you only have so much energy, time, and other resources.

    The healthcare battle is one that is forever. The illegal immigration problem can be fought again another day — and will no matter how it turns out.

  • Are you saying that you can hold a racist position and not be a racist? Because you see, you are pushing a racist position, but seem very bothered that I might actually call you a racist.

    It is possible for a person to treat every individual they know, of all races, with decency and respect, in one to one contact, and still be a racist in their deeper philosophical beliefs. I don’t know you personally, so you might treat everyone you meet with decency. However, what I do know is that the positions you have pushed on my website have been increasingly bigoted, hateful to blacks and Hispanics.

    I wonder why you even come to my webpage, considering the fact that I am one of those “swarthy” Jews that almost destroyed Germany’s pure and sainted Aryan nation back in the 1930. The Nazis, like you, thought it was race that caused their problems. Their solution was genocide. What’s yours? Shall we kill all the blacks and Hispanics in the U.S.? Maybe we should send them to camps, where they will be out of the way?

    I want to change policy to make it possible for all humans to follow their dreams to the fullest, no matter their race or ethnicity. Whenever this has been done in the past it has worked. You simply want to blame certain racial and ethnic groups.

    I think it is time you found a different website to pollute. You are really not welcome here.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    Two-front wars are seldom a good idea. In any event, the fight agianst Amnest and Open Borders is the one that must be won. Lose it and you lose the country as we become transformed into Brazil with nuclear weapons.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    The opposite is true. Obamacare can at least in theory be eliminated, but if the ten (or more probably twenty) million illegals are amnestied, then we will never be rid of them, short of mass population transfers of the kind not seen since the end of the Second World War. The longer the invasion of America continues, the more drastic the measures needed to fight it.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    America must be overrun by millions of Third Worlders because Hitler. Got it.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    Oh, I amost forgot: You never did name one state, one county, one city, that has seen its quality of life go up in measurable ways as its proportion of Mexican immigrants has increased, or that has at least managed to hold its own.

    Your inability to do so speaks volumes.

  • Edward

    OK, Kenneth.

    At this point I have to agree with Robert. Your goal clearly is to get rid of the illegal immigrants (invaders). Your comments show that you seem to have a problem with Mexicans in particular.

    “The longer the invasion of America continues, the more drastic the measures needed to fight it.”

    I agree with you on that point, but getting rid of Obamacare will definitely be a problem once the insurance industry, the American 40 hour work ethic, and our freedom to choose for ourselves (and several other “unintended” consequences) have been destroyed. The problems with illegal immigration pale in comparison to Obamacare.

    Indeed, if we lose our freedom to choose, how do you propose that we find a way to correct the problem with illegal immigration (as opposed to the legal immigration, which is a blessing for the US)? The government will just tell us something else that we have to do, otherwise they will set a tax as a fine. They may even make us accept illegal immigration or suffer another tax.

    We will be taxed into submission, just as we are being taxed into submitting to Obamacare.

    This reminds me of the Robin Hood stories, except that it is the *government* telling us that it is stealing from the rich to give to the poor, but it is ending up with an impoverished working class, as though we were Nottingham. (When did theft become a good idea? And very few Robin Hood versions — if any — had Robin steal from the rich to give to the poor, he was stealing tax money and using it for the ransom to free the king; he just took care of the poor — see Errol Flynn’s “The Adventures of Robin Hood.”) The Robin Hood stories tell us that *this* is the time to fight against government tyranny.

    The illegal immigration problem pales in comparison.

  • I did answer your question. I didn’t try to name any such location because there aren’t any, but not because of the evil immigrants, but because they have generally flocked to blue state Democratic havens (which were so before they arrived) where the situation was already declining.

    You haven’t answered my question however. What is your solution? What shall we do with the immigrants that are already here, legally?

    As I said, I think it time for you to move on. I don’t like such bigotry, and at some point I cannot tolerate on my website.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    As far as Presidential elections go, California was in the GOP camp as recently as 1988, but is now forever lost to the Republicans. Texas will be the next to fall. Try repealing Obamacare then.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    It is perhaps worth noting that unlike the United States, the state of Israel is serious about controlling its borders, so much so that it has constructed formidable walls and is now even administering DNA tests to some would-be immigrants so that they might prove their Jewishness. Does this outrage you?

  • You obviously have not read my essays about my most recent trip to Israel. The last especially addresses your question directly.

    Hitchhiking and supermarkets in the occupied territory

    The HOAs of Israel

    Bigotry in Israel

    Building a real Peace Forest in Israel.

    As sympathetic as I am towards Israel, a relatively tolerant democracy surrounded by intolerant dictatorships, I have never been enthused about the “Jewish” nature of its establishment.

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