Sissel Kyrkjebø – Summertime

Week Four: Ninth Anniversary Fund-Raising Drive for Behind the Black

The fourth week of my annual anniversary fund-raising campaign for Behind the Black has begun.

I once again must thank the many readers and listeners who have generously donated this month. Right now there is a chance this will be the best fund-raiser ever, though only if a lot of people donate during the month's last ten days. If you want to help me continue my reporting, you can give a one-time contribution, from $5 to $100, or a regular subscription for as little as $2 per month.

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If Paypal doesn't work for you, you can still support Behind The Black by sending your donation by check, payable to Robert Zimmerman, to
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An evening pause: Performed live on Swedish television in 2018.

Hat tip Danae.



  • Alex Andrite

    Goose Bumps !

  • Dick Eagleson

    Norway got soul!

  • eddie willers

    So I’m sitting in a Waffle House with two work buddies and one gets up and goes toward the jukebox. He comes back and “Summertime” starts to play over the speakers. I say, “You know, I always thought that “Summertime” was such a perfect song that NOBODY could screw it up. I guess I was wrong”.

    My buddy jumps up mad as hell and tells me it was he was the one who put in the quarter because it was some American Idol singer and he thought she was great!

    Really, really mad.

    I gave an apology but mumbled in a Galilean sotto voce…”And yet it still sucks”.

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