Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t It Rain

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An evening pause: Recorded in Manchester, England in 1964.

Hat tip Jim Mallamace.



  • eddie willers

    Somebody get that woman a Les Paul!

  • Kevin R.

    That was great! I’d never heard of her.

  • eddie willers

    Somebody get that woman a Les Paul!

    OK…I had to research this (how did I not know about Sister Rosetta Tharpe until Robert’s post?!).

    Anyway….according to guitar folks, this WAS a Les Paul!

    1961 Gibson Les Paul/SG Custom

    Sister Rosetta played a white Gibson LesPaul SG with three humbucking pickups and old-style maestro vibrato. Because of the numerous changes on this model during the early 60’s, we can affirm it is a Gibson Les Paul SG from 1962. The maestro vibrato was replaced by the vibrola in 1963 and the “LesPaul Custom” logo was moved from the head to the pickguard (just above the neck pickup) in 1962. It is a pretty rare but recognizable version because of its brief lifetime and the improvements that were quickly added.

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