Sly & the Family Stone and Prince – Everyday People

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An evening pause: Hat tip Edward Thelen.



  • eddie willers

    Hmmm….back when you could listen to the radio and Sly would be followed by Buffy St. Marie, then followed by Steppenwolf, followed by the Four Tops, followed by Buffalo Springfield, followed by Jimi Hendrix, followed by Jimmy Buffet, followed by Linda Ronstadt, then followed Roberta Flack.

    Of course, this was before we became diverse and now are shuffled off to our segregated streams.

    Anyway….I ah want to thank you, falettinus heardat song, agin.

  • Joe

    Eddie, so true!

  • eddie willers: Which is why I aim for as much variety with the evening pauses as possible.

  • eddie willers

    And why I enjoy it.

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