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An evening pause: This animation expresses well what I often feel and think, as someone who does not use a “smart” phone.

Hat tip Jim Mallamace, who sent it from his own smart phone, which left him “not feeling very high and mighty.”



  • wayne

    This animation style, reminds me of the work of Basil Wolverton.

    pivoting humorously….
    “Look at this Instagram”
    (Nickelback Parody)

  • Michael

    I have had people come into the store I am at and walk around for 20 minutes and never hang up once.

    There is much more truth to this video than not and I am so happy to identify with the kid. I have nothing against cell phones personally but I do despise what they do to people.

  • Garry

    If you enjoy shows that examine this theme, I highly recommend the British anthology Black Mirror; the title refers to what cell phones have become to many. Like any anthology, the quality of episodes can be hit or miss, but there are enough good, thought-provoking episodes to make it worthwhile. I personally can’t watch more than 1 or 2 episodes at a time; some of them are too intense.

    A good introduction is the episode Nosedive, which follows social media to its logical conclusion. It’s one of the few episodes that has a measure of humor in it; most are pretty grim. One of my favorites is called White Christmas. Hated in the Nation is long enough and produced well enough to stand on its own as a movie. I specifically do not recommend watching the first episode first; if I had, I never would have watched any other episode.

    The episodes are not connected, except for subtle references, such as a newspaper headline that references another episode. A typical episode involves a new technology of some sort, usually one that’s plausible in the near future (if not now), and illustrates how the new technology allows man to abuse his fellow man.

    I haven’t watched any episodes from the latest season.

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