Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner

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An evening pause: I like the simplicity, as it forces you to listen to the words.

Hat tip Wayne DeVette.



  • Joe

    My favorite Suzanne Vega song!

  • wayne

    way cool!
    -This original version was used by Karl Heinz Brandenburg to fine-tune the MP3 audio-compression codec his team invented. (There’s audio/video of him relating the whole entire history of the mp3 format– great stuff.)

    In contrast to the “digitally compressed” version, check this out:

    Suzanne Vega records “Tom’s Diner” onto a wax cylinder at Thomas Edison National Historical Park (2012)

  • Laurie

    Just imagine
    if instea-d
    she had simply tweeted the lines …

  • EW

    The Toms Diner is the famous “Reataurant” sign from Seinfeld – Toms Restaurant, actually, right by Columbia (SV went to Barnard)

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