The Danish National Symphony Orchestra – Star Trek Medley

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An evening pause: It is never a bad thing to listen to the music from Star Trek (though I would have preferred a larger percentage of this piece devoted to Alexander Courage’s original score).

Hat tip Willi Kusche.

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  • Ted

    Nice nice nice. I think Star Trek has had some of the best music scores of all the Sci-Fi movies…. certainly the most recognizable. If you disagree then just beam yourself outta here!

  • wayne

    nice selection.

    While I would agree the original ST theme is absolutely iconic, I’d have to say my favorite is Deep Space 9.

    ST: Deep Space 9
    opening theme, season 1 variant

  • LocalFluff

    Everything in your clip is anti-scientific!
    Comets don’t leave dust behind as if space was filled with air as resistance. And I’ll stop there, ten seconds into the nonsense you posted here. Please don’t do that! Leave the Hollywood Weinsteins do their thing, don’t pester us with it, I beg you.

  • wayne

    ST: Enterprise
    Alternative Universe “Terran Empire” theme
    from; “In A Mirror Darkly” part 1

  • wayne

    Agree in large part.

    I would place the Original Series and Theme in its own category, and all the variants in another category.

    LocalFluff- Har. Art Bell thought “Men In Black” was a Documentary.
    “Space may be the final Frontier, but it’s made in a Hollywood basement.”

    Pivoting— does anyone have CBS All Access? (Me neither.)

    “Star Trek: Discovery, is Truly God Awful”
    Dave Cullen Show [Language & Spoiler Alert]

  • ken anthony

    I can’t get past the false Utopian economics. It’s insidious. Give me Firefly or give me death!

    Kirk was da man, because he violated the age he lived in. Picard was annoyed when his crew saved lives.

  • wayne

    good stuff.

  • LocalFluff

    Having listened to the misery, I classify this as BAD!
    Cheap tricks randomly interluded by copies of other composers. Horrible. Worst music ever tried. Not to blame the instrument operators, who did their best, but the whole composition and the notes were obviously doomed as they were written down. Horrible! This is why I rarely click on BZ’s purportedly entertaining video links here. Terrible!

  • LocalFluff

    Having used the words horrible, terrible and bad, I want you who randomly read this to help me find other phrases to describe this, well I’d call it horror but that’s the whole point here, that I’m looking for a better brand name.

    Warning! I will use any innovative derogatives here to fescribe the deeply deranged Space Getitoutahere.

  • LocalFluff: Correct me if I am wrong, but am I right in thinking you really didn’t like the music arrangement here?

  • Cotour

    Local, context is everything.

    This is a TV / movie arranged sound track, have you been hitting the Christmas grog a little early lately? I ask because your comments as of late have been very, lets say interesting.

    I thought the piece was excellent and well done.

  • LocalFluff

    “LocalFluff: Correct me if I am wrong, but am I right in thinking you really didn’t like the music arrangement here?”

    I retract my judgements about it as horrible and terrible. I enforce my stand that it is BAD! That’s enough. There’s no compositional idea with it. And I’ve listened a second time to make sure, (Horrible, but I won’t repeat that now. Horrible!) It’s just a random mish mash. Maybe it works as film muzak for certain movie scenes. As music in itself it is hopelessly failed. Don’t you have ears?

  • Heh. I knew I should have put a sarcasm alert on my last comment.

  • Cotour

    I got your sarcasm, it surprised me, very good. Your problem is that you are a high IQ nerd and it just comes out wrong, and its being directed at a Swede who can be a little out there.

    A total Sheldon.

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