The elephants of Bushcamp Company’s Mfuwe Lodge

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An evening pause: As the youtube website explains, “This is perhaps the only hotel in the world where you may need to make way for passing elephants when checking in. During the month of November, a small herd of pachyderms nonchalantly tromps through reception on their way to a wild mango tree.”

Hat tip Danae.



  • Cotour

    I hope that Jackass dentist who shot Cecil the lion does not see this, he might plan to check in and just sit in a lounge chair in the lobby with his cross bow and pick and choose his next manly “conquest”.

  • Phill O

    Well they are there to stay since they all brought trunks!

  • hondo

    Nice! But I would really hate to have the job of the guy with the broom, mop and bucket.

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