The first space shuttle launch, April 12, 1981

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An evening pause: And if all went well today, I saw a variation of this launch this morning.


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  • hello robert. i trust your journey was safe. i too witnessed a rocket launch from roughly 10 miles out but that was back in 1973. what a roar! yes it was one of the Apollo moon rockets and at the moment my memory escapes me as to which mission it was. a space nut you see. but what a sight to behold. i remember that at the time some of the excitement had died down as if flights to the moon were routine, and of sort these last few launches of the vehicle called shuttle. on TV it doesnt look very spectacular but up close it exudes a display of tremendous power and glory that only a liquid fueled rocket can achieve. I wonder what i will see next. i enjoy your website and at least agree with your views most of the time. be safe and have fun, wade

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