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An evening pause: Hat tip Joe Griffin.



  • wayne

    Nice selection—I totally forgot, about these guys! Heavy rotation on MTV at the time. (Back when they actually played music & had very little advertising.)

  • Rene Borbon

    Without leftist politics too

  • Joe

    I think Wayne grew up listening to a lot of the same stuff i did, finally back in the country after a wedding in the Caribbean!

  • wayne

    Good deal on the wedding trip.
    I suspect we’ve heard quite a bit, of the same music.

    We had MTV on our cable system from day one. It was amazing to actually see “music video” 24/7.
    Definitely had more of an alternative FM radio feel, for the first few years. (I couldn’t however, tell you when the last time I actually watched MTV or VH1– must have been the mid 90’s.)

    MTV Launch
    August 1, 1981

  • BSJ

    Thanks for this! I’ve been trying to figure out the name of one of their songs for a couple years now! Kept getting sidetracked because I thought it was by Yes…

    Stand or Fall. “Red or blue, what’s the difference?”

    She’s a Beauty was the first video I ever saw on MTv. Didn’t have cable at the time. Saw it at a Holiday Inn.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.
    (Stand or Fall is, pretty good. I’ll restrain myself from linking to it.) They do have a distinct sound, but I empathize with co-mingling them with a band like Yes.

    I ended up wasting a bit of time reviewing early 80’s music, jogged the memory quite a bit!
    It was definitely a transitional time period.

    Har…I distinctly recall the “wow, this hotel has MTV,” feeling!

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