The life of Robert Mitchum

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An evening pause: While a little long for an evening pause, this half-hour documentary does a nice job of telling the surprisingly normal story of actor Robert Mitchum. What struck me most about it was how ordinary Mitchum’s life was. I’ve also seen the same thing with almost every Apollo astronaut that I have interviewed. Like most very famous people from the mid-twentieth century, they do not see themselves as particularly special. In fact, they led life with a certain humbleness, something that is hard to find today, especially among modern actors.

Hat tip Willi Kusche.



  • Alex

    I am wondering, if Robert Mitchum would be a Trump supporter today. I am quite sure that he would reject present politicial situation in USA, which has developed in past decades to a maximum extent. In my view he did not represt many characteristcs, which are typcial for American society as hypocrisy and dishonesty.

  • Alex

    replace “preprest” by “represent” in my comment above (Mr. Zimmerman, please add an edit function/button!)

  • wayne


    Mitchum was a registered Republican and he did speak at the ’92 GOP Convention.
    His son Chris was very active in the Screen Actors Guild and made a Congressional bid (in California) in 2012, if I’m not mistaken.

    Robert Mitchum on the Vietnam war 1966

  • Alex


    I thank you for the insight regarding Mitchum’s political views. In addition, Robert Mitchum as man and as that type of character he played as actor represented for me another missed characteristic in today’s feminized pussy society: manhood/masculinity.

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