• LocalFluff

    More tragic comedy, but for real. About the mental panic disease Covid-19:

    In Germany, when one family member has tested positive for the virus, their children have to be isolated FROM THEIR FAMILY! They must stay in their room alone.

    In Thailand, kindergarten (preschool) children are individually put in cages with transparent plastic walls.

    In Taiwan, pretended air flights are arranged for those who miss their yearly vacation travel. They pack their bags, buy a ticket, check in on the airport, enter the aircraft, are served airline food(!), then they leave the aircraft and go home. Without the aircraft ever taking off.

    I think that human kind now really needs a very deadly virus to cure the degenerated gene pool.

  • Phill O

    London England and New York city are very similar. There is much dryer humor in London.

    However, NYC is second to London in murders: and no guns permitted.

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