The Snow Cruiser: Antarctica’s abandoned behemoth

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An evening pause: I think I have posted previously about this 1930s engineering marvel, but no matter, this documentary does a very nice job of telling the wild story of biggest vehicle ever sent to Antarctica.

Hat tip Tom Biggar.



  • Col Beausabre

    Reminds me of some of those “Mars/Moon Rover” toys when I was a kid back in the Fifties. Just imagine the ice is CO2 and not H2O aand you’re on the Red Planet

  • Cotour

    You know you have arrived when you are featured on South Park.

    Dan Pena on Global warming makes a point that I have made many times in the past. ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING

    Insurance company’s and mortgage companies would not produce any instruments to finance any property on any coast in any country. So in the great scheme of things they must not agree that Global warming will be as devastating as is being portrayed in the media and by some in science.

    Do humans have an effect on the atmosphere and the temperature? More than likely, but not to the extent as is being portrayed. How do we know? The big money players are financing Al Gore and Barak Obama’s multi million dollar mansions on the water, and all of the other coastal building projects that exist and are being planned and are being built.

  • wayne

    How Arctic Cat snowmobiles are manufactured
    Textron Corp

  • wayne

    Bombardier Snowmobile
    Model B-12, 1950

  • wayne

    First Mass Produced Recreational Snowmobile –
    1960 Bombardier ski-doo

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