The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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An evening pause: As always, it is enormously pleasurable to watch performers who clearly are having a good time.

Hat tip Edward Thelen.



  • hondo

    Thanks Bob – love how you drop stuff like this in. It has such a calming effect.

  • Leonard Goff

    I wonder if you could state again the comment you made on coasttocoast last week about how God and science are not rivals? It was in response to someone during the call in part of the show. It was beautiful.

  • danae

    Nice! This really takes me back! It’s an old, old friend. The Tokens’ voices are wonderful. I first heard it when I was tiny, as Wimoweh, Miriam Makeba’s rendition, on an LP my father had in his collection.

  • Leonard Goff

    I was referring more to what you said AFTER you stated that (what you referred me to).
    You went on a minute long ‘fugue’ about how God is beyond what we can know, and to think that we could pin him down, etc.
    As I said, it was a ‘fugue’ and it was beautiful, but hard to remember, as it was ‘fugue-ish’ / poetic (although you said it so clearly and so beautifully even though it dealt with the most subtle of topics).
    The reason I wrote to you about ‘how God and science are not rivals’ was because that was easy to remember (prosaic); but what I really wanted to here restated was the poetic part AFTER that.
    After all, that they are not rivals is standard fare; but what you said AFTER that was one of a kind and transcendent, although they go together somehow.


  • I thank you for the kind words about what I said. To be honest I don’t remember the specifics. To get the exact words, one would have to obtain a transcript of my appearance from C2C, or listen to their podcast.

    I’ll ask them if I can get a podcast. You’ve made me curious to hear what I said myself. :)

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