The Wall

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An evening pause: Fifty-one years ago today the Soviet Union and East Germany — in the name of ideology and communism — cut Berlin in half, putting a wall between neighbors, friends, and families. The documentary below was made in 1962 and will give you a sense of the evil of that wall, as felt by the people who were oppressed by it.

I think it a reasonable thing to remind ourselves again and again that the use of force in the name of any ideology, no matter how well intentioned, is always wrong.



  • jwing

    Thank you Robert for reminding us with your postings on this website. Never again!! Please,…G_d, never agian!
    Humanity can be so rational and constructive and we can be so foolish and evil.

  • Patrick

    My grandfather loaded the planes for the Berlin airlift.

    At least a few of us out here always remember.

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