To Scale: The Solar System

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An evening pause: What this attempt achieves more than anything else is to demonstrate that the scale of the universe is almost impossible to simulate or to conceive. There is a lot of emptiness out there.

Hat tip Rocco.



  • danae

    And we are…what…the size of quarks? We should be reminded of this from time to time. Thanks, Rocco!

  • Steve Golson


    Another great way to appreciate the size of our solar system is The Thousand Yard Model invented by Guy Ottewell

    I’ve done this multiple times for small groups and it never ceases to amaze. The sun is a soccer ball, and the earth is a peppercorn. At the end of the walk, when we are way out at Pluto, I produce a second soccer ball and say “Here’s the nearest star to our sun. In our model, how far away should it be?” Take a guess… figure it out… be astonished.

  • Steve

    Great video. I was waiting at the end for the inevitable lecture on saving our world from Global Warming, but I was pleasantly surprised! :-)

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