Tomato harvesting

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An evening pause: Another video suggested by Phill Oltmann illustrating how engineering has revolutionized the agricultural field. In this case its tomatoes, which I think illustrates quite well why mass produced tomatoes are simply not as good as vine grown tomatoes from your garden. Assuming the tomatoes in this video are not intended for canning, they have to be tough to withstand the harvesting process so that they remain whole for the fruit stand.



  • Ted

    Commercially grown and harvested. I worked in the industry back in the 80’s They brought in 40 tons in a truck and we made it into spaghetti sauce, ketchup etc. We ran 20 hours a day six days a week. It seemed to take weeks to run thru all those tomatoes. That was up in New York state. This looks like it was shot in California or Mexico – couldn’t see the license plates.

  • Keith

    What happens to the green tomatoes? Did you use them along with the ripe, red ones?

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