Tony Bennett – It Had to Be You

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An evening pause: Hat tip Edward Thelen.


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  • Localfluff

    For fun: An astronomer said that he read about the Moon illusion, that the size of the Moon on the sky seems to change much more than it physically does due to its eccentricity. It was claimed that one can cover the full Moon behind a fingernail on arm’s length, which is quite counter-intuitive. He calculated in his head that a 1 cm wide finger on a 1 meter arm covers 1/300 of a circle which is one degree. The Moon is only a half. But he had to go out and check if it’s actually true!

    Astronomy is the dichotomy of theory and observation/exploration. Science can’t really “prove” anything, but mathematics can. And it is always reliable. One can’t check out a charm quark with the finger, but we know it’s there (or there). Still, human instinct has the urge to see if it can outsmart logic. I think it is a sound general distrust to claims that doesn’t make any exception for logic. Before logic was discovered, not too long ago, who would’ve thought that anything like that could be?

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