USAF Band – Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

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A evening pause: This is almost a real flash mob event at the Air & Space Museum. It seems as if they sneak up on the holiday crowds, but at the same time I am not so sure. Too many cameraman around, as well as performers. Regardless, it is a great performance.

Hat tip Edward Thelen, and Tim Vogel (who suggested this a couple of years ago when I was especially dismissive of fake flash mob events. Since then I’ve mellowed). Also, as Edward notes, the schedule of events at the end of this video no longer applies.


One comment

  • wayne

    Good selection Edward & Tim!

    Mr. Z., yepper, these flash-mob events are contrived! :)

    Totally empathize with your observations. I’ve lightened up on these quite a bit myself over time as well. (they aren’t documentary’s) The better versions do approach musical-theater, but there is a tendency to overuse the GoPro’s.
    (But then again, I think social-hygiene propaganda films are Art! HA).
    tangentially, as an old film-guy, how many camera angle’s would you want at an impromptu ‘live-event’ like these? and isn’t good sound a major hassle?

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