• Scott

    At about 1:15 the woman states that if the sphere were the diameter of Earth, the highest mountain and lowest valley would be about ?. I can’t make out what she says.

  • I think she says the difference between the highest mountain and the lowest valley would be 14 meters. It might be 40 meters, but I suspect the lower number is more likely.

  • Gaydared

    Long ago filmmakers understood that audiences were discomforted by
    extreme facial closeups. No one desires the opportunity to look up someone’s
    nostrils and contemplate their nose hair.

    Additionally, (self deleted second comment). Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  • Scott

    It’s late and I have no idea why I’m bothering with this, but: Assuming the sphere to be D = 5″, if it were polished to a surface flatness of +/- .0000005″ (half a millionth inch) it’s possible she is saying that if it were expanded to the diameter of Earth its maximum surface variation would be 1.4 meters! Anyway, I’ll worry about this tomorrow.

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