The law and Obama at Yucca Mountain

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Apropos to the space war between Obama and Congress over the Obama administration’s willingness to ignore Congressional legislation mandating the continuing funding of the Constellation program is this story about the administration’s efforts to circumvent federal law in order to cancel the use of Yucca Mountain in Nevada as a nuclear waste site. The courts have now expressly ruled [pdf] that the Obama administration it cannot do this: the law is the law, and they have to follow it. The key quote from the legal decision:

Unless Congress directs otherwise, [the Department of Energy] may not single-handedly derail the legislated decisionmaking process.

What a concept: the President and his appointees must obey the law!


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  • Wow, yet another libertarian tea bagging crank without a clue as to why Constellation was canceled.

    Heckava job, Bob, just a heckava job. Let me give you a little clue, big boy, Constellation was a failure. If it had been attempted in the commercial or private sector Griffin would have been laughed out of the conference room on day 1.

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